Welcome to the S.M.A.R.T. Lab


Tuesday, December 14th
We're happy to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website courtesy of http://magistrateinc.com.

We're a laboratory for studying Metacognition. We're also very fond of chemistry as well as human psychology. Our obsession with human psychology naturally brings us into the field of marketing. Why? Because we're intruiged by behavioural psychology. What is it that drives us to make purchases? Why do we buy the things we do. We dedicate a significant portion of our leisure time to researching this. We've also noticed a huge surge in the number of people starting businesses. more specifically, online businesses. We're living in a unique time where financial freedom has become entirely achievable for the average person.

Passive income is the name of the game in this day and age. There's no limit to the number of passive income ideas and opportunities out there for us to master. We should all be spending out time mastering our psycholoy and investing in our financial futures by looking investigating all opportunities available to us.

We're fond of the opportunities available to all of us in this day and age. The internet has brought about a level playing field in many ways by connecting people from all walks of life together. Now, even people from so-called third world countries make a living through building businesses online. One of the best businesses one can start is through using expertise that you already have. This is known as a consulting business.

A consulting business is basically solving a problem for someone for a monthly fee. This is how you would describe it at the most basic level. Many people from all over the world have successfully started consulting businesses, quit their jobs and now live a life of freedom and flexibility.

The father of the consulting business is Sam Ovens -- a man who has single-hadedly helped hundreds of people achieve success through this awesome business model.



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